Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Super Bowl XL Ring Etiquette…..

(The Burgh – August 22, 2006) – After watching the Seattle Seahawks / Indianapolis Colts pre-season game the other night, some Steelers fans (yunz truly was one of them) were taken aback by some of the comments made by John Madden regarding the officiating during Super Bowl XL.

This coming from a man who knows damn well about ass-whuppins handed out by the Pittsburgh Steelers. For those of you who don’t know this history of John Madden versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, please read these quick articles: [1] [2] [3] for an abridged history lesson.

Then, we flashed back to the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles tlast month. It was the first public appearance by Big Ben after his motorcylcle crash. On stage that evening, while Big Ben addressed the audience, we got our first glimpse of the Super Bowl XL ring - worn proudly on Big Ben's middle finger.

Stillers Nation started to wonder if any other Steelers wore their Super Bowl XL ring on the middle finger and were told that Max Starks decided to get his size 18½ ring fitted for his middle finger since he is married (left finger occupied) and has also broken his right ring finger (although it’s not broken now).

Then we started asking others in Stillers Nation if they knew of anyone else that also wears there ring on the middle finger --- and the name Chukky Okobi came up. The man who only weeks ago was thinking his career night be over and now is preparing to return to full contact practice next Monday.

We can imagine it now – two men passing before a Sunday night game at Heinz Field, one of which is John Madden and the other is Chukky Okobi.

In that distinct nasaly, yet whiny voice of John Madden comes:

“Hey, Chukky, can I see your Super Bowl XL ring?”

To which, Chukky replies:

“Sure John, here’s what the FIFTH Steelers Super Bowl ring looks like…. BTW, thanks for the kind words during that Seattle-Indy pre-season game!”

Now Stillers Nation wonders: How many other Steelers have Super Bowl XL rings fitted for the middle finger?If you know, let us know.

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