Friday, August 18, 2006


Joey Porter Speaks Out on NFL Network's Total Access

(The Burgh - August 18, 2006) - As if the Pittsburgh Steelers haven't had enough to deal with this off-season, including: Big Ben's near-death motorcycle accident, Santonio Holmes multiple arrests [1] [2], Barrett Brooks' audition for COPS, Chukky Okobi's neck injury, Coach Cowher's purported retirement after this season, and Big Ben's thumb injury, now Stillers Nation is hearing more than enough about Joey Porter's near hold-out that aired last night on NFL Network's Total Access.

Marshall Faulk, recently retired RB from the St. Louis Rams, asked some pointed questions that got Sackman talking about why he thinks he is worth more money and how Coach Cowher talked him into not holding out this season, even though he has two years remaining on a contract that will pay him more than $9 million dollars.

To watch the interview, you will need
Real Player.

You can open the NFL Network's .ram file of the interview by clicking
here. Be patient, as the file will take some time to download if you are not on a broadband connection.

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