Friday, August 04, 2006


Latrobe Update: Logjam at Wide Receiver

(The Burgh - August 4, 2006) - With the season only 5 weeks away, the Steelers have an overabundance of talent at Wide Receiver and will need to make some drastic cuts to get down to the six (or possibly seven) WRs who will make the 53 man roster.

Heading into the 2nd week at Latrobe, the Steelers have 9 wide recievers at camp, including:

Assuming there will only be 6 WRs on the regular season roster, Stillers Nation wonders which familar faces will no longer be wearing Black n' Gold.

Using a process of elimination, we are assuming that Hines Ward, Cedrick Wilson, Santonio Holmes, and Willie Reid will make the team (unless Reid really screws up in camp, he will be kept for his return abilities and sheer speed). That leaves 2 spots for 5 guys - but Stillers Nation has also been hearing far too much about Nate Washington to think he won't make the team.

So, with 5 WR spots filled, it looks like Quincy Morgan, Sean Morey, Eugene Baker, and Lee Mays will be battling for the 6th spot. But, in all likelihood this battle will come down to Quincy Morgan (returning from a broken leg) and Sean Morey (known more for his special teams play).

Stillers Nation believes the Stillers will opt to keep both Morgan and Morey - increasing the number of WRs to 7 on the 2006 squad.

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