Thursday, August 03, 2006


Steelers Bars Around the World.....

(The Burgh - August 3, 2006) - The time is almost upon yunz die-hard Steelers' fans who aren't within local broadcasting distance (unlike yunz truly) to try and catch the Steelers' pre-season games. So, what do you do if you live in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Atlanta, or London, England and have no clue where to go?

The answer is simple: head down to the local Steelers bar (believe me, unless you live in B.F. Egypt there will be one nearby), grab a cold one, and settle in for a typical season of excitement, disappointment, and hopefully another Hollywood made-for-TV ending, including a sixth Vince Lombardi Trophy for the Steelers'
Great Hall.

For those of you who are either new to an area, or are visiting another city when the next Steelers game is to be played, fret no more. The
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an excellent listing of Steelers bars around the world.

Stillers Nation personal favorites include:

If you've had a great (or terrible) experience at a Steelers Bar, please let us know.

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