Saturday, August 05, 2006


Two Must Read Articles from Pat Kirwan @

The Burgh (August 5, 2006) - Stillers Nation loves articles that bring a perspective other than the same old, same old, so we absolutely loved Pat Kirwan's article on the goal line drill played out the other night in Latrobe, where he explained his first-hand account of watching the Steelers and their fans interact on a balmy, summer night.

It made Stillers Nation realize why professional football in Pittsburgh is unlike any other city in the NFL except maybe Green Bay, Wisconsin. Here is a tidbit from Mr. Kirwan's article:

"As I stood in the bleachers and watched the buses pull up next to an old steel mill and the players get off with their shoulder pads in hand, I got goose bumps. I was living a dream. For one night, Mr. Rooney and Bill Cowher turned back the hands of time for me and the Steelers fans. I was allowed to take a peek at how it used to be -- and it was awesome.

It looked like the origins of pro football, a steel town playing another steel town at the local stadium. As the players mingled with their fans, signed autographs and took pictures, Mr. Rooney presented one of the game balls from the Super Bowl to the mayor of the town. In that moment, I finally understood why the Steelers are just different from most teams. There's no way the Steelers players could let these people down, and there's no way the fans could ever turn on the team when times get tough."

-Pat Kirwan, from Steelers Turn Back the Hands of Time

He then followed it up yesterday with a second article that provided a solid preview of the 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers, from coaches to players. We know the season is just around the corner, and the naysayers will be out in full-force as to why the Men of Steel won't repeat, but for a few minutes of your day, read both of these articles and enjoy the fact the fans of Stillers Nation are a pretty fortunate bunch.

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