Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The Daily Dose of Steelers Hata-Aid...

(The Burgh - September 6, 2006) - As if hearing about how the refs handed the Steelers Super Bowl XL by John Madden the other night wasn't enough, now come the naysayers who say the Steelers have no chance to repeat in Super Bowl XLI. Stillers Nation has seen numerous articles [1] [2] [3], most of which don't even have the defending Super Bowl Champs winning the division.

And then there is Syracuse alum,
Adam Schein (pictured on the right). No other sportswriter seems to have his head shoved further up his arse than Mr. Schein, who predicts the Steelers will go 8-8 this year in his latest article found on I guess he feels this way since they only have 19 of 22 starters returning. Or maybe because they are defending Super Bowl Champs and Mr. Schein, a lifelong Jets fan (pity the thought), just can't stomach a third back-to-back Super Bowl win by the Steelers.

In any case, it seemed kinda strange to Stillers Nation after reading his latest masterpiece that started off stating that the Steelers will finish 3rd in the division with an 8-8 record, but then had several contrasting statements in his summary including:

"The Steelers will be in the mix with their incredible and deep coaching staff. Head coach Bill Cowher, coordinators Ken Whisenhunt and Dick LeBeau, and offensive line coach Russ Grimm, are among the best at what they do."
And then this doozy:

"The Pittsburgh defense will always keep them in playoff contention."
So, let me get this straight: the Stillers will be "in the mix" and our defense will keep us "in playoff contention", but we're only gonna win 8 games? You can't have it both ways Mr. Schein. Either they're gonna go 8-8 or they're gonna be in playoff contention. Which one is it?

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