Sunday, January 21, 2007


Update: The Next Steelers Head Coach / My Head Hurts.

(The Burgh - January 21, 2007) - While the rest of us watched the AFC & NFC Championship games today, the rumors on who will be the next Steelers coach were flying fast & furious. To quash continued speculation on who would be the next coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the official site of the Steelers - - posted a short, but sweet, message on the site eary Sunday morning from spokesman Dave Lockett that read:

"At this point and time, the Steelers have not concluded a contract agreement with a new head coach, nor do we expect to do so today. There will be no other announcements from this office today.

Enjoy Championship Sunday!"

The actual article can be seen here. However, if the Steelers expected the rumor mill to take the day off, they were sadly mistaken. First, Jay Glazer of published a report just after noon that the Steelers and Tomlin had commenced contract negotations, then the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette posted a similar article, also claiming that Tomlin would fly to Pittsburgh tomorrow for a formal announcement and press conference.

Just after 8:30pm tonight, Jay Glazer updated his article, claiming the sides were closed to a 4-year deal in the neighborhood of $10 million dollars, roughly the same amount that Cam Cameron agreed to with the Miami Dolphins.

Meanwhile, on the Russ Grimm front, Mike Prisuta at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is holding on to his "breaking" story that Grimm will be named the Steelers new head coach tomorrow.

One thing seems certain after the Chicago Bears advanced to Super Bowl XLI earlier today, putting Ron Rivera's second interview on hold for at least two more weeks - and that is either Tomlin or Grimm will be named at the new Steelers coach either Monday or Tuesday.

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