Saturday, January 20, 2007


Tomlin AND Grimm Both Named as Next Steelers Head Coach!

(The Burgh - January 20, 2007) - Although the Pittsburgh Steelers have not formally announced who the next head coach will be, I am pleased to tell you it will be.....

Mike Tomlin AND Russ Grimm.

If you don't believe me, then read the conflicting reports by SI, ESPN, and the
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, all who claim getting the inside scoop by infamous, unnamed "sources". Although, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, quoting Dan Rooney, says a decision has not yet been made. In this day of journalistic one-upmanship, it comes as no surprise that people are willing to "break" a story, even if there are no substantive facts or "named" sources to base it on.

What is sad about the three stories is that fact that they are all incorrect. That is, unless the Rooneys have already made up their mind just one day before the third candidate, Ron Rivera, could be made available for a second interview (assuming the Chicago Bears lose to New Orleans in the NFC Championship). I, for one amongst many here in the Burgh, don't see the methodical and patient Rooney family making a decision about the next head coach until the outcome of the game is known.

And even after the NFC Champion is crowned, there is still no guarantee that the Steelers will rush to name Tomlin or Grimm the next head coach before interviewing Rivera after Super Bowl XLI in two weeks. Especially since neither candidate is a finalist for any of the other head coaching vacancies remaining in the NFL (who wants to coach in Oakland, anyways?). So, I ask you: what exactly is the rush to name the new head coach today?

As Steelers fans, most of us haven't been sleeping well during this seemingly endless search for our new coach, so the last 24 hours have been nothing short of a mind-boggling. One thing is for sure, sometime within the next week or two, we will finally know who or man is. Until then, we can all speculate as to who it will be - and, unfortunately, some have chosen to push this speculation further than we might have ever imagined.

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